Our New Logo

1st Oct, 2023

20 years ago today NI people got the right to become members of The Labour Party.

20 years on we’re still fighting for our full democratic rights.

To mark this anniversary and in hope of a bright new era, we are launching our brand new logo.



Our NEC Candidate

28th May, 2022

The Right2Stand campaign is pleased to announce we have a candidate for the NEC:
Gerard Gallagher

Gerard has been a member of the LPNI since 2015, and currently sits on both the LPNI Executive Committee and as the Chair of the Right2Stand working group where he has been a passionate and active campaigner for our push to be allowed to stand Labour candidates in Northern Ireland.

We need as many CLPs as possible, in every part of the country, supporting our Right To Stand.

You can help the campaign by asking your CLP to nominate Gerard for the NEC.

Gerard’s candidate statement can be found HERE

Thank You!

NEC Review Under Way!

14th April, 2022

Northern Ireland CLP has begun preparing its submission to the Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC) for its termly review in order to challenge the undemocratic denial of its members rights for political representation.

Every parliamentary term, the NEC is committed to provide a review of the status of the Labour Party of Northern Ireland, and its right to organize and stand candidates. That review is now currently under way.

A number of CLP’s have already been in touch about passing our model motion as have some Trade Unions. In the coming weeks we hope that many more CLP’s will join our struggle.

Any member who wishes to raise our campaign with their CLP will have our full support. Any CLP who wishes to host some of our members for a short presentation or a Q&A session should get in touch via info@right2stand.co.uk.

Latest News

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