Model Motion

We need as many CLPs and TU branches as possible, in every part of the country, supporting our Right To Stand.

You can help the campaign by submitting our model motion to your CLP/ TU branch.

Please see the motion below as well as information on how to table it and what to do next.

Thank You! 

 LPNI Right To Stand

This CLP notes:

  • In Northern Ireland over 1,000 fee-paying Labour Party members, and almost 40,000 trade union members who pay the political levy, are denied the same rights and representation as their counterparts in the rest of the UK. This is because Labour’s National Executive Committee has repeatedly refused members in Northern Ireland the right to stand Labour Party candidates in any election: for local councils, for the regional government at Stormont, or for Westminster.
  • The Conservatives already stand candidates at every level of government in Northern Ireland and claim to be a UK-wide party of government, a claim Labour cannot make, as Labour seeks no mandate from this region of the UK

This CLP believes:

  • The Labour Party has a responsibility to grant to all of its members and affiliated trade union members, including those in Northern Ireland, the full representative rights of membership.
  • The Labour Party also has a responsibility to Northern Ireland citizens to offer progressive, cross-community, Labour policies and values at every level of government, a political space which is currently vacant and offers significant electoral potential.

This CLP calls for:

  • The Labour Party NEC, at its next meeting, to commit to standing candidates for election in Northern Ireland at local, devolved and national government, ahead of the next set of public elections, and to engage with the Executive Committee of the NI CLP on the process of organising branches in Northern Ireland.

What Do I Do Next?

How Do I Table A Motion At My CLP / TU Branch?

Tabling a motion for debate at your CLP / TU branch couldn’t be easier!

If your CLP has an All Member Meeting (AMM) structure, just copy and paste the above motion into and email to your CLP secretary and ask for it to be considered for debate. If your CLP uses a General Committee (GC) structure, email it to your branch secretary first.

You can find your CLP secretary’s email address on your membership card. You probably receive emails from both your CLP and branch secretary inviting you to meetings.

What Can I Say Or Do To Help Pass The Motion?

Information on all of the key points can be found in the About Us section up above.

Basically put, we simply believe that all Labour Party members and levy-paying trade union members in every part of the country should be treated exactly the same. We also believe the people of NI should have the same opportunity to vote for Labour Party candidates.

If you would like to request a R2S campaign speaker to attend your CLP/ TU branch meeting, please get in touch.

What Should Happen After The Motion Is Passed By My CLP / TU Branch?

Once the motion is passed, your Constituency / Branch Labour Party should submit it to the National Policy Forum. A member of the C/BLP EC should take responsibility for submitting it prior to the next meeting of the C/BLP. Details of how to do this can be found at

We would also appreciate it if you get back in touch with us once the motion has been debated to let us know how it went, this will be of enormous help to the campaign.

How Can I Continue To Show My Support For The R2S Campaign?

We appreciate any continued support you are able to give to the campaign.

This can be as simple as keeping the issue on the agenda at your CLP / TU branch, supporting the issue at Labour Party conference, raising it with Labour Party elected representatives or even supporting the campaign on social media.

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